Ayotte Talks ACA, Budget in Strafford TeleTownhall Meeting

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte held a teletownhall meeting tonight for residents of Strafford County. Most of the discussion focused on the botched implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the fiscal state of the country.

Ayotte opened the call with a five minute overview in which she lamented the disruption the ACA rollout has had on health care insurance. Ayotte said she is hearing about people receiving cancelation notices and premium increases. She localized her remarks by referencing the fact that Rochester’s Frisbie Hospital is among those left out of Anthem’s network. “It’s time to call a time out” on Obamacare implementation, Ayotte said.

Ayotte also talked out the recent government shutdown, saying more than once that the shutdown was “not a strategy I supported.” Ayotte called for bi-partisan solutions to the budget deficit and national debt issues, saying that the problem came about with the help of both Democrats and Republicans.

Questions, which may have been screened for content by staff, focused mostly on Obamacare and the federal budget. Ayotte reiterated, “I am not a supporter of this law. I have voted to repeal it” and called again for a “total time out” on Obamacare implementation. On the federal budget, Ayotte restated her belief that it will take a so-called “grand bargain” involving entitlement reform and spending cuts to balance the budget.

Ayotte also fielded questions on immigration reform, with Ayotte explaining her vote for the Senate immigration reform bill as a step toward fixing a broken immigration system and growing our economy; and Benghazi, about which Ayotte was strongly critical of the Obama administration’s handling of what Ayotte called a terrorist attack.

fergus@ferguscullen.com, November 18, 2013

Author: Fergus Cullen

Fergus Cullen is a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party (2007-2008) and an editorial page columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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