Ayotte: Romney ‘laid out the big choice’

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte touted former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s debate showing Tuesday night, stating that he “laid out the big choice this November” while deriding President Obama’s record as “abysmal.”

Below is her statement in full:

Mitt Romney’s confident, articulate performance tonight laid out the big choice this November in the clearest terms yet. President Obama has an abysmal record and no second-term agenda – meaning voters can only expect another four years of job-killing policies, budget-busting spending, and government-centered health care funded by our hard-earned tax dollars if he is re-elected. A Mitt Romney presidency, on the other hand, will foster upward mobility and success by championing job creation, implementing market-based health care reforms, reining in federal spending, cutting taxes for middle-class families, and protecting American interests abroad.

Author: Staff Reporter

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