Ayotte on heroin epidemic

At multiple hearings this week, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte voiced concern over the rise in heroin overdoses in the state.

“In my state, we have a heroin epidemic right now,” she stated at an Armed Services Committee hearing today. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of drug deaths in New Hampshire, and I don’t believe New Hampshire’s unique with regard to what’s happening with heroin right now.”

Ayotte’s questions centered around what’s being done to stop transnational drug trafficking and voiced similar concerns at a Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing.

“As you know, these drug-trafficking networks also support a whole array of other criminal activities including human trafficking, including terrorist funding as well,” she said there, per a press release. “So this heroin epidemic…we’re seeing it in my own state, and it’s unfortunate, it’s something we’ve got to get hold of and get better coordination among all the agencies on it.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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