Ayotte keeps up opposition to online sales tax

In an op-ed in The Hill, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte reaffirmed her longstanding opposition to an online sales tax, citing the burden it would bring to New Hampshire business owners.

“The Internet has given anyone with the power of an idea the opportunity to launch a small business that can reach customers from coast to coast – driving growth, creating jobs, and empowering small business owners. Consumers have reaped the benefits of greater choice, lower prices, and more convenience. But where some see progress, tax collectors see opportunity,” writes the junior senator. “And creating new tax collection requirements on small businesses, which is what is being proposed, takes a step toward eliminating competition.”

Current law, as defined by current Supreme Court precedent, prohibits states from collect sales tax revenue on out-of-state businesses, minus “sufficient connection.” Still, numerous states have appealed to Congress for laws that would enable them to do so.

Ayotte has long opposed such measures, and has authored legislation to that effect.

“An online business based in my home state of New Hampshire that doesn’t have a store in Illinois shouldn’t be required to facilitate sales tax collection for that state – especially when New Hampshire doesn’t even have a sales tax,” she continues in the op-ed.

She went on to dub online sales taxes on out-of-state businesses “road blocks” for small business owners still facing economic uncertainty.

Author: Staff Reporter

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