Ayotte amendment would pay for unemployment benefits extension

An amendment to The Unemployment Insurance Extension Act, put forward by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, would cover the extension whilst simultaneously replacing slashed military retiree benefits through targeted spending cuts.

“We can pay for a temporary long-term unemployment benefit extension and repeal unfair military retiree benefit cuts without adding to our country’s $17 trillion debt. I’ve put forward a common sense proposal that would save billions by stopping illegal immigrants from claiming the additional child tax credit,” stated the junior senator in a press release. “If Senate Democrats allow a vote on my amendment, we’d have a solution that could immediately deliver temporary help to those looking for work, prevent military retirement benefit cuts, and reduce the deficit.”

Ayotte’s proposal would aim to halt illegal immigrants from claiming the credit, with reports of fraud having gone on for several years.

The release cites a 2012 report in which “an undocumented worker in Indiana admitted that his address was used to file tax returns by four other undocumented workers, who fraudulently claimed 20 children in total – resulting in tax refunds totaling nearly $30,000.”

It goes on to claim that total savings from the amendment would amount to $20 billion over the next decade.

Author: Staff Reporter

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