Arrogance led to looming Constitutional crisis over healthcare

A federal judge has struck down the entirety of the nation’s new health care law. The government mandate that forces individuals to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, according to the judge. And because the individual mandate is not separable from the rest of the law, he reasons, the whole law is unconstitutional. The matter will head to the U.S. Supreme Court in due time where, in all probability, one man – Justice Anthony Kennedy – will decide the nation’s health care policy.

How did we get here?

It is instructive to review footage of former-Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) who was confronted with the very question of the measure’s constitutionality in August 2009 by a constituent at a town hall meeting. Though she provides a ready answer, the answer is non-responsive and deceptive. She says the law’s constitutionality lies in Congress’s ability to tax. But we were told over and over again by Democrats during the alleged debate over health care reform that the mandate was not a tax at all.

Note also that she refuses to even listen to an opposing view, essentially silencing the questioner with a wave of her hand.

This is how we got here. Politicians who were too arrogant to listen to constituents, too arrogant to think through the consequences of their votes. Lest you think this is just piling on the defeated Rep. Shea-Porter, who was ousted in no small measure because of her vote for the health care law, bear in mind that the former Congresswoman is almost certainly planning a rematch in 2012 against Frank Guinta.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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