Angerhoffer backs Bergeron for GOP Chair

Prominent Strafford County conservative activist Peter Angerhoffer will endorse Juliana Bergeron for Chair of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee on Wednesday.

Angerhoffer was the GOP’s nominee for state Senate in District 21 in 2010. He was recently named in NH Journal as one of the state’s top 50 Republicans.

Some Republicans are viewing the move as significant because Angerhoffer resides in Kimball’s hometown, although Kimball has also secured support in Bergeron’s backyard, as well.

“As a voting member of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I am pleased to support Juliana Bergeron to be our new State Chair,” Angerhoffer told NH Journal. “Juliana will bring the skills, energy, and experience critical to extending the extraordinary success Republicans enjoyed statewide in the 2010 election cycle. Through hard work and dedicated leadership, Governor Sununu engineered a renewed organization that successfully supported many candidates throughout the primary and general elections. Now, as the party turns its attention to the 2012 Presidential primary and the elections that follow, I believe Juliana will continue the strong leadership required to support the platform, build an excellent organization, and manage the resources needed to serve every member of the party.”

“Peter Angerhofer was one of the most outstanding new activists to emerge from the 2010 election cycle,” Bergeron stated. “As a first time candidate, Peter ran a very credible race in a difficult district and helped promote conservative values in an extremely liberal part of the state. I am proud to have his support and look forward to working with him in the future.”

“This endorsement shows that I have broad support from all corners of the state,” Bergeron continued. “My campaign has momentum heading into the home stretch and I am confident that I will have the support needed to win on Saturday.”

Republicans will choose a new Chair of the state party on January 22nd. Gov. John Sununu decided not to seek the position he held for two years.

Author: Patrick Hynes

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