Amidst right-to-work fight, unions snatch GOP nomination

The Republican majority in Concord may be fighting to make New Hampshire the nation’s 23rd right-to-work state, but the unions have clinched the GOP nomination in a pivotal State House special election primary.

Kevin Janvrin, a member of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire union, captured the GOP nomination for the vacant District 14 House seat. The unions appear to have outmaneuvered the GOP in its own primary. A shadowy organization of dubious origin called the Taxpayer Foundation appears to have spent a good deal of money helping Janvrin win.

The result of the special election is being seen as yet another blow to embattled Republican Chairman Jack Kimball. Kimball and the NH GOP lost a recent special election in House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s backyard and recently reported having only $1,300 in the bank. Kimball has acknowledged a swirling coup attempt to oust him as Chairman.

Foster’s Daily Democrat has suggested former-Chairman John H. Sununu or former Cheshire County GOP Chair Juliana Bergeron should take over for Kimball.

Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Anonymous

    Only in Seabrook can a person drive in with a Massachusetts tagged/licensed car and vote. This started at 7 AM and did not end throughout the day.  Also of interest, the Seabrook Fighter Fighter’s website ( shows less than 20 employees – and that includes the secretary, but there where many, many, many NH Fire Fighter’s logo tagged license plates on many, many, many truck, cars, and SUV driving in to vote. Gone Something fishy was happening, but then again, this is Seabrook.  It’s a shame that the remaining towns in District 14 ignore their opportunity to take control and stop letting this town dictate their taxes and personal agendas. But one can argue, these towns now deserve to not not be properly represented.

    • Anonymous

      toofuny I was there from 7a till 3p. the only MA plates were filled with underage girls with short shorts and tank tops holding Lou signs on rte 1. And about the SFD plates there are 22 full time FF with over 30 call and reserve thats not counting the retired FF’s too . Thats why there were so many SFD plates. The supervisor of the check list did check into a complaint which was obliviously someone from your camp. The complaint was unfounded. But keep making excuses if it makes you feel better.

  • Spv0811

    Vote for the libertarian candidate in Seabrook. The republican candidate is a democrat registered as a republican thats why the Dems endorsed him rather thatn their own candidate.