American Crossroads returns to NH airwaves with a $1.3 million buy

Heading into tonight’s debate, and with but 21 days remaining until the election, pro-Romney Super PAC American Crossroads is blanketing the New Hampshire airwaves as a part of its continued offensive against President Obama’s economic record.

In a press release, president and CEO of American Crossroads Steven Law stated that “President Obama’s economic policies created record trillions of new debt, the weakest recovery in modern history, and gave Americans very little to show for it.”

“President Obama’s weak leadership has created a weak economy and a weaker America, and it’s time to turn this ship around,” he continued.

The ad is entitled ‘Sack it,’ and pushes back against an Obama campaign ad in which he talks about sitting down directly with voters at a kitchen table. It’s set to air on New Hampshire TV stations and cable networks, with further advertising on Pandora radio, and is supported by a $1.3 million buy.

‘Sack it’ can be viewed below:

Author: Staff Reporter

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