American Crossroads’ $3M TV ad features child spelling ‘Shaheen’ as ‘O-B-A-M-A’

The television ad that the conservative American Crossroads super PAC will unload on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen beginning Tuesday, in a $3 million buy, features a child at a spelling bee – and she spells “Shaheen” as “O-B-A-M-A.”


“Close enough,” the three judges tell the young girl.


The New Hampshire Journal obtained an exclusive preview of the ad, which is below.






The ad is almost identical to one American Crossroads aired in Arkansas earlier this year against  Sen. Mark Pryor.



Shaheen’s campaign said the ad and the size of the buy show that Republican challenger Scott Brown’s “corporate special interest allies are trying to buy him New Hampshire’s Senate seat. They want Scott Brown back in Washington working for Wall Street and Big Oil.”



American Crossroads, co-founded by former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove, is spending $3 million to air the ad for seven days, tomorrow (Oct. 14) through Oct. 20, on broadcast television in Manchester, Boston as well as in Portland, Maine and Burlington, Vt., according to group communications director Paul Lindsay. He said it will also appear on cable television.



Lindsay said American Crossroads has not at this point purchased any additional airtime for the final two weeks of the campaign after Oct. 20.



“Spelling Bee” is American Crossroads’ first ad of the campaign in New Hampshire, although a related Rove issues advocacy group, Crossroads GPS, spent substantially in airing an ad in March. That ad said Shaheen “cast the deciding vote for Obamacare” and “over 20,000 Granite Staters saw their coverage cancelled.”



American Crossroads has spent heavily in other states with key Senate races, including Iowa and North Carolina.



The Shaheen campaign said Granite Staters “know Jeanne Shaheen and they trust her to always put New Hampshire first and make a difference for New Hampshire, including leading bipartisan efforts to widen I-93, open the Berlin Prison, and rebuild the Portsmouth Memorial Bridge. That is what she will continue to do long after Scott Brown and the corporate special interests backing him move on to some other election in some other state.”



In the new American Crossroads ad, a child at a spelling bee is told, “Your next word is ‘Shaheen.’”



The child asks: “May I have a definition, please?



A judge says: “Shaheen – a Washington liberal out-of-touch with New Hampshire. Voted for the Obama agenda 99 percent.”



“May I hear it in a sentence?” the child asks.



A judge answers: “Jeanne Shaheen was the deciding vote for Obamacare.”



The child then says: “Shaheen: O-B-A-M-A.”
The judges say, “Close enough,” as a visual appears calling Shaheen “the wrong answer for New Hampshire.”

In early October, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS announced they had raised a combined total of about $100 million to spend nationally in the final month of the mid-term campaign.

Lindsay at that time told the Wall Street Journal that of the nearly $25 million raised by American Crossroads, $11 million was collected in September alone.




Shaheen’s campaign has issued more than a dozen fundraising pleas to supporters based on the Crossroads groups and Rove.



Since the $3 million American Crossroads ad buy was announced about two weeks ago, the Shaheen campaign has issued 11 fund-raising emails keying on the news, including eight since Friday and three today alone, through 5 p.m.



The most recent email sets a $50,000 goal by midnight and says, “Karl Rove’s $3 MILLION attack buy hits the air in less than 24 hours……pushing Scott Brown to victory in 22 days……and giving Republicans Senate control for YEARS!”



It continues, “Falling short now spells DOOM: We could LOSE Jeanne and LOSE our Democratic Senate majority.”




Author: John DiStaso

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