American Action Network up with final ad in NH-01

Outside group American Action Network is up with its final ad in New Hampshire’s first congressional district, topping off a $2.3 million campaign against Democrat Carol Shea-Porter.

Accompanied by a digital advertising effort, the latest spot will air in both the Boston and Manchester markets.

“Carol Shea-Porter’s record speaks for itself: higher taxes and billions wasted on special interest projects,” stated AAN spox Brook Hougesen in a press release touting the ad. “Granite Staters couldn’t afford her policies before, and they can’t afford them now.”

Below are both video and transcript of the ad, which is entitled ‘Spending.’

Just how reckless was Carol Shea-Porter with your taxpayer dollars?
$50,000 for museum to honor mules in California.
$325,000 to study shrimp in Louisiana.
Even worse – Shea-Porter voted for a $3 trillion dollar budget that would raise taxes by $683 billion.
We already fired Shea-Porter for wasting our tax dollars.
Don’t send her back so she can waste even more.
American Action Network is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Author: Staff Reporter

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