Adams: Senator Kelly Ayotte stands up for the Constitution

Thank you, Kelly Ayotte, for standing up for your beliefs. The recent attacks on Senator Ayotte are a prime example as to how far Obama, Shot Gun Joe Biden, Big Gulp, Trans Fat Bloomberg and the rest of the liberal truth distortion machine will go to attempt to ruin the career of one of the brightest persons of integrity and honor this state has ever had as an elected official.

We must all remember that Shot Gun Joe and Obama kept calling for a gun control vote. They concocted a half-baked rehash of Senator Feinstein’s attack on the Second Amendment and they were going to harass and lie about those that voted against their bad bill.

Fortunately for New Hampshire, Senator Ayotte stood by her convictions that we already have plenty of safeguards in place. They simply need to be utilized. We do not need more draconian measures. She wrote an excellent Op Ed that appeared in the Union Leader and other leading papers in the state explaining her logic very well.

It is important to note that out-of-state interests are out to get Senator Ayotte. I believe they doth protest too much. They are scared to death of a person like Senator Ayotte. She is very dangerous to Liberal Social Agenda. She has integrity and is not a rubber stamp like the other New Hampshire Senator. She believes in small government, low taxes and taking care of those in need with a helping hand up, not a generational hand out. And most of all, as a former Attorney General, she believes in the Constitution. Those qualities horrify the liberal hate mongers who lied about what really happened on the Gun Control vote.

Remember Bloomberg tells the people in New York City what they can eat and how large their portions can be. Little wonder he has spent $700,000 to make Senator Ayotte look bad by lying about her to promote his Mayors against Guns agenda.

Senator Ayotte believes in tweaking the present laws relative to gun purchases and keeping guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill. Thank you, Senator Ayotte, for doing the right thing, not the politically correct thing. Mayor Bloomberg should have used his $700,000 to help the cause of battered and abused women or taking on the ACLU to make it easier for authorities to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Instead, he chose to attack their greatest fear: an honest, smart woman not afraid to stand up for what she believes – a person brave enough to stare at the man accused of murdering a Manchester police officer and telling him she was asking for the death penalty for the horrible crime he had committed.

New Hampshire is indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding Senator. Don’t listen to the lies and the liberal hate machine. Those accusations are unfounded and without honor.

Jim Adams is Chairman of Granite State Taxpayers

Author: Jim Adams

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