Adams: New Hampshire voters and taxpayers should be very concerned about the 2014 elections

After Labor Day in an off year election, the candidates begin to step forward for the midterm elections.  With that usual frenzy, there are many hard-working, bright and sincere people contemplating a run at any office from State Representative, State Senate, Governor, Congress to

U. S. Senate.  Hats off to these people willing to step up and try to make a difference.

This election in 2014 could very well be the election that either starts the United States down the road toward a socialist country abandoning our Constitution and giving everything to everybody, or correct the present course this country is on and begin to once again become the world’s greatest economy, making jobs for those that are unemployed or underemployed and begin to return this country to the greatness it enjoyed following World War II thanks to the Greatest Generation.

Both parties can take blame for a great number of today’s problems.  However, the present administration that has taken distortion of the truth and dirty politics to a level not seen in Washington since Illinois Congressman Rostenkowski and his gang of thieves were thrown in jail in the early 90’s.

To that end, Obamacare will destroy the present anemic economy and probably destroy the healthcare system we now enjoy.  The administration realizes that, and as a result, has put future changes off until after the 2014 elections.  That should set off alarms everywhere; that compounded by the fact that Congress will not participate in Obamacare.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  If Obamacare is the end of all our health care problems, then why isn’t Congress going to take advantage of it?  The reason is simple.  Obamacare is a train wreck and the more you read the worse it gets.  And the fact that the IRS will be the lead agency in this answer to the nation’s health care should cause every American’s blood to run cold.

At the present time, the two Congresswomen and Senator Shaheen are all for moving forward with Obamacare.  You must remember that in the 1990’s, prior to then Governor Shaheen destroying New Hampshire’s health care providers system, New Hampshire had 22 providers, people could get a health plan to fit their needs – not one size fits all.  As a result of Governor Shaheen’s meddling, New Hampshire now has 2 health care providers and the highest rates in the nation.

Voters must remember prior to their going to the polls to ask Senator Shaheen, Congresswomen Shea Porter and Kuster if they will take Obamacare like everyone else will be forced to or will they keep their very special program now in place?

Ask the question by letter, by telephone, and by letters to the editor.  This question must be answered by these people and they should be dogged by this question every day.  This election will be the crossroads of Socialism or the return to the Nation we were given by the Greatest Generation.  Do the right thing to stop Obamacare once and for all.

Jim Adams is Chairman of the Granite State Taxpayers and a member of the New Hampshire State Veterans Council

Author: Jim Adams

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