A slight problem with Jon Huntsman’s first mailer

Coinciding with his visit to the Granite State this week, Jon Huntsman has his first New Hampshire fundraising mailer circulating, seeking to highlight the conservative-friendly aspects of Huntsman’s record in order to bring in cash from GOP donors.

There is just one problem with the mailer: the candidate’s name is spelled wrong.  The front of the envelope, which is the first thing most voters will see, spells Huntsman’s first name as ‘John’ rather than the correct ‘Jon.’ 

Now these things happen on busy campaigns and this one is certainly not the end of the world, but it does raise the question of how the Huntsman camp with its veritable army of staffers failed to catch this very visible error, as campaigns generally approve a proof before the vendor goes to print.

Take a look at the problem area:

Author: Staff Reporter

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