Meals and Rooms tax comprise ‘Maggie’s Taxes of the Day’ #63 and 64

In what amounts to proof of Maggie Hassan’s obvious love of tourism in New Hampshire, tax hikes on meals and rooms are today’s ‘Maggie’s Taxes of the Day.’

“Tourism is one of the Granite State’s most important revenue sources, and we need to maintain competitive pricing to attract visitors when we have Maine and Vermont to either side competing for every dollar. Sen. Hassan’s vote to increase the Meals and Rooms tax from 8% to 9% did exactly the opposite, increase the costs of visiting the state for tourists as well as the cost of a night out for New Hampshire residents,” reads this morning’s press release. “Further, at a tourism forum last month, Sen. Hassan said she was “open” to raising the Meal and Rooms tax another half-percentage point.”

Hassan’s support for the initial tax hike came during the 2009 session, at a time when the economy was clearly struggling. HB 2, which contained the increase, also included the creation of a Meals and Rooms operator’s license fee.

Author: Staff Reporter

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