Vital documents and marriage fees highlight ‘Maggie’s Taxes of the Day’

“As a State Senator, Maggie Hassan not only supported taxing Granite Staters from cradle to grave – she sponsored it,” reads this morning’s entry into Ovide Lamontagne’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ series.

Rightfully so. Today the spotlight is shone on Hassan’s sponsorship of a bill that hiked the both the costs of marriage fees, and acquiring records such as a birth certificate. As was the case with yesterday’s ‘Tax of the Day,’ these tax increases were a part of HB 1 that emerged in the 2010 special session.

“In the 2010 special session of the NH legislature, Hassan threw her weight behind measures to make life’s biggest moments more expensive,” the press release further states. “Reports cite the marriage fee increase as costing Granite State taxpayers about $15,000 a year while the vital records fee increase was designed to raise approximately $400,000 annually.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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