27 current, former NH lawmakers sign letter urging ‘Run Warren Run’

The “Run Warren Run” activist-based campaign by Democracy for America and MoveOn.org today released the names of 27 current and former New Hampshire state lawmakers who have signed an open letter urging Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to become a candidate for President.


It is the latest move in an effort that has also seen the opening of grassroots organizing offices in New Hampshire and Iowa.


Heading the New Hampshire list are state Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, state Rep. Renny Cushing, D-Hampton, and former state Sen. Burt Cohen, D-New Castle.


Although Warren has said she does not intend to run, Cushing said there is a need for a “robust primary debate.”


“We’re urging Senator Elizabeth Warren to join the 2016 race for president, because we know, first hand, how important a robust primary debate of our progressive values is to New Hampshire voters,” Cushing said. “The Granite State’s grassroots activists, the same friends and neighbors who knocked on doors and made phone calls to send us to Concord, want hear from Senator Warren in 2016, so we’re standing up to make sure their voices are heard.”


Added Run Warren Run New Hampshire state director Kurt Ehrenberg:


“These New Hampshire citizen legislators aren’t just urging Senator Warren to enter the 2016 race as some of the most important activists in the Granite State’s Democratic Party, they’re speaking out as representatives of communities all across our state that all care deeply about the future of our country. Every day the grassroots Run Warren Run campaign is growing in New Hampshire and today’s calls from these Granite State legislators is a critical boost to that continued momentum.”


DFA says the Run Warren Run campaign has four staffers in New Hampshire, an office in Manchester, and offices and staff in Iowa. DFA and MoveOn, which jointly have more than 57,500 members in New Hampshire and 9 million members nationwide, have pledged $1.25 million to the Run Warren Run campaign.
Here is the open letter from the current and former state lawmakers, followed by a list of their names:


“Our country is at a crossroads. The rich get richer, but middle class families and those struggling to make it into the middle class work harder while falling further behind. Income inequality is at its highest since 1928 and wages remain too low. The game is rigged.


“If you work hard, if you play by the rules, it doesn’t matter where your parents were born, what color your skin is, whether you’re a woman or man, or who you love—you should be respected in our society, you should be valued, and you should be able to make ends meet. You should be able to walk down the street without fear. You should be able to live on a sustainable planet. And your voice should count in our democracy. Washington can no longer be run by lobbyists, the powerful, and corporate interests for their own advantage.

“As the 2016 presidential campaign begins, it is time for Democrats to be bold, to stand for something, to propose innovative, inspiring solutions to our nation’s toughest challenges, and to stand strong for core American values.

“We need leaders who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and fight back—no matter what powerful interests say—and we need all the candidates in the primary to offer a bold vision for an economy that works for all Americans.


“Contested primaries test and strengthen candidates and ensure progressives have a chance to make our voices heard. Having a real debate is what democracy is all about.

“That’s why Americans from all walks of life have risen up to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Sen. Warren is a fighter for middle class and working families who has stood up to the corporate interests and Wall Street banks. We urge Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016.

“One thing New Hampshire voters value is the first-in-the-nation primary, and a chance for candidates to come into our homes and libraries and community centers to talk to real voters. We look forward to all the candidates coming to New Hampshire to share their views about the critical issues that matter to us.”

Signing the letter were: Watters, Cushing, Cohen and:
Reps. Travis Bennett, Plymouth; David Borden, Rye; Wayne Burton, Durham; John Cloutier, Claremont; Len DiSesa, Dover; Barbara French, Henniker; Daniel Hansberry, Nashua; Frank Heffron, Exeter; Timothy Horrigan, Durham; David Karrick, Warner; Douglas Ley, Jaffrey; John Mann, Alstead; Richard McNamara, Hillsborough; Marcia Moody, Newmarket; William Pearson, Keene; Larry Phillips, Keene; Timothy Robertson, Keene; Peter Schmidt, Dover; Gilman Shattuck, Hillsborough; Timothy Smith, Manchester; Charles Townsend, Canaan; and former Reps. Sylvia Gale, Nashua; Rep. Kenneth Grossman, Barrington; and Chris Muns, Hampton.


Author: John DiStaso

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