2 super PACs spending $750K on Innis leading up to Sept. 9 primary

CONCORD — New Hampshire Priorities PAC and American Unity PAC announced “major investments” in New Hampshire television, radio and direct mail advertising to help Dan Innis win bid for the Republican primary nomination.


In a joint statement, the two PACs said they will have separate independent expenditure efforts with total spending of $750,000 will be invested in television, radio, direct mail “and other persuasion efforts” through the Sept. 9 primary.


They said $300,000 will be spent by New Hampshire Priorities PAC, which has already spent $240,000 in the race, and $450,000 will be spent by American Unity PAC. The bulk of American Unity PAC’s $300,000 in television ads will be placed on WMUR-TV, while New Hampshire Priorities PAC’s TV ads will be focused largely on cable.


American Unity PAC is led by billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Singer and is promoting candidates who favor same sex marriage. Innis is openly gay and is in a same-sex marriage.


New Hampshire Priorities PAC is headed by billionaire businessman Peter T. Paul, who donated $25 million to create the Peter T. Paul School of Business at the University of New Hampshire. Innis is the former Dean of the Peter T. Paul School.


See the New Hampshire Priorities PAC ad below.

The American Unity PAC ad can be viewed here.

In the statement, Jeff Cook-McCormac, senior advisor to the American Unity PAC, said, “This is about one thing and one thing only – momentum. Dan has it and we’re going to build on it.


“Dan is the right candidate, at the right time…Together we can send a clear message to the politicians in Washington that enough is enough – it’s time to change the way Washington does business and we’re going to start by changing the people we send there.”


Andy Leach, spokesman for the New Hampshire Priorities PAC called Innis “a breath of fresh air and exactly what citizens deserve in a public servant – someone who is hard-working, thoughtful and committed to the same values of limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty that have made New Hampshire great.


“We’ve sent Frank Guinta and Carol Shea-Porter back and forth to Congress for the past eight years and all we’ve seen is higher taxes, mounting debt and more intrusive government into our daily lives. We need an independent-minded conservative who can win, an outsider and a small businessman who knows what it takes to create jobs and who will challenge politics as usual. That person is Dan Innis.”

Author: John DiStaso

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  • Mark Roberts

    Garcia = Outside Money and very little from this state. Innis = Outside Money and very little from this state. The people who know these politicians the most are NOT giving them any money. Isn’t this an obvious CLUE, DUH. These outside interests and agendas which are NOT OURS need to go away.

  • Mark Roberts

    Jesus and the “Money Changers”.


    This makes my point more eloquently than I could.