Media drops the ball on Ayotte coverage

Complaints about liberal media bias can become tedious. The mainstream media is very liberal, that is well established. Griping about it rarely gets anyone anywhere. But occasionally, the collective groupthink of the elite establishment media becomes so biased that it actually needs to be called out.

We’ve seen that this week with the mainstream media’s coverage of Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s town hall meetings. The big media folks flocked to the Granite State this week as though it was the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary, all because they wanted to see Sen. Ayotte get yelled at for voting against a measure that would have expanded gun control.

The media certainly covered what they wanted to see. The New York Times, the Washington Post and Politico all created the impression that Ayotte faced a firestorm of criticism at her town hall meetings. Only Politico, in its second story on the controversy, bothered to mention the following:

But there is also ample support for the senator, with supporters holding up signs that said, “N.H. Stands with Kelly.” Ayotte received standing ovations from the crowd in this timber-industry town, drowning out those who were booing her. The National Rifle Association has also aired radio ads expressing its support for Ayotte.

The truth is, Ayotte enjoys a great deal of support for her vote in this Live Free or Die State. And the elite media would do well to shine a light on those who were protesting her, as Fox News did on Wednesday night. See the below clip featuring an Obama-sponsored protester holding a sign splattered with fake blood politicizing the Boston marathon bombing.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has already denounced the Obama organization for this over-the-top rhetoric. “It is outrageous that Democrats would use such appalling and disrespectful signs at an event that was officially organized and sanctioned by President Obama’s field operation. The President should be ashamed of the message that was approved and used by his organization at this protest because it is insensitive, unacceptable and has no place in our political discourse,” said executive director Matthew Slater.

In addition, NH Journal has obtained a series of photographs from the parking lots of Sen. Ayotte’s town hall meetings. The photos are of the protesters’ vehicles. As the reader can see, the mass of protesters appear to have commuted in from Vermont and Massachusetts. These protesters made for great props for the elite media. But they are not Sen. Ayotte’s constituents and they won’t have the privilege of voting in the 2016 election, when Ayotte is next up for re-election. Her supporters will.


Author: Shawn Millerick

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  • Jake W

    I definitely stand behind any Senator that votes the way the majority of his or her citizens want.

  • Anonymous

    The majority of New Hampshire residents stand with Sen. Ayottes votes opposing gun control. The media is running a cartoonish hoax that NH is somehow pro-gun control. Not true.

  • Brent J

    You should really blur out the plate numbers if you want to post pics of the plates (which objectively you can’t really say/prove are supporters or protesters… it’s quite possible gun owners from NY/VT/etc made the trip to voice support after all!). I am not 100% sure but it may not even be legal (jurisdiction related perhaps?) to post pics of plate numbers without the owners consent (think of all the newscasts, etc that always blur out the plate number)… and a news organization should know better (perhaps NHJournal is not a legit news shop and are more of the hack type? not familiar with you). Either way, it’s certainly a faux pas and considered common courtesy to not post them unobscured! – From a car guy and Social Media Chair of one of the oldest chapters of the largest individual marque Car Club (BMW CCA – NJ Chapter)

    • Steve Gelinas

      tell that to the liberals that posted gun owners names in the newspapers your liberal crap is wearing thin and we can see through the smoke screen shouldn you be in line with the rest of the sheep

      • Brent J

        My liberal crap? While technically I am registerred GOPer I usually vote Libertarian or 3rd party, but I’ll reply to tell you I don’t have a dog in that hunt! Now if the libs posted my driving records (well at least I wouldn’t show any tickets for the past 5 years but the 10+ years before that are another matter!) or location of every Ferrari owner or Porsche GT3 then I’d be all over it because that’s where my dogs hunt!

        • skunkhairkathy

          I’m with Brent on this one although he sounds like a tool.

          • Brent J

            gear head tool you mean!

    • Ray Heath Jr.

      Brent J, I was at the Warren Town Hall, and I am a life long resident of the town and I can tell you with certainty that those pics were taken at the Town hall event in Warren, 1 because I recognize the background in many of them and actually remember seeing most of the cars themselves. I was wondering how many were going to show up from out of state, and kept an eye on things
      I can also say that at least most of them were anti-gun folks,
      The Red Hundai was the guy passing out the “shame on you” signs that Bloomberg sent to the event, there were 4 in that car, and most of the other out of state rigs had multiple people in them. My parents and I watched the antis when they left and saw who went where. The majority of the anti crowd were those in out of state cars, and most of the in state antis had Obama. or other Democrat bumper stickers on their cars.

      • Brent J

        Personally I think that’s terrible to attend someone else’s town hall… that’s not the purpose of those meetings

    • Anonymous

      Taking the photos is perfectly legal. If you don’t want you car or yourself photographed, keep it out of view. There is no expectation of privacy in public places. Furthermore, the number of out of state cars at the event is absolutely relevant to the story.

  • Anonymous

    Gun rights supporters will re-elect the Sen. Ayotte…we are highly motivated grass roots voters who will support Sen. Ayotte…Notice how the feeble opposition were imported anti-gun protestors from other states…pathetic…

    • Brent J

      FWIW there is ZERO proof the out of staters were “anti-gun” and not “pro-gun”… also ZERO proof those pics were from the actual events (could be random snapshots from who knows where lol). And it’s definitely NOT cool (if not illegal!) to post pics of the plates without the owners permission and/or without the plate numbers blurred. I do agree with you on gun rights supporters being highly motivated and Sen. Ayotte likely being re-elected however

      • Anonymous

        you can’t get name and addresses from license plates unless you knowingly break the law. However, liberals were posting names and addresses of gun owners out of spite, hoping terrible things would befall them. Two can play that game (even though posting license plates is TAME by comparison).

        No more high road. Give as good as you get. I’m sick of weak-kneed conservatives tying one hand around their balls when dealing with these anti-American leftists.

        • Brent J

          FYI you are clearly mistaken as I know for sure that depending on the state it can be legal and easy to get many pieces of personal information from a license plate number!

          • Patrick Henry,The2nd

            Guess what? The same can be done by walking down the street. I fail to see the problem.

  • Gary Lee

    God bless her. What a disgrace the Obama administraton is, using these people from Newtown as propaganda pawns in their progressive agenda designed to disarm all American citizens. I heard her response, I thought she did a remarkable job of keeping her composure and focusing on mental health as the real issue to tackle.

  • Steve Gelinas

    i applaud senator ayotte for defending our 2nd ammendment rights she should be applauded for having the backbone to listen to her REAL public GOOD JOB senator the out of state protesters wont be voting for you WE WILL !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ayotte voted against a filibuster, and she rightly heard it from her constituents. When the bill’s actual vote came up, she voted against it. She realized that sucking up to RINOs like McCain and Graham would get her nowhere, so she listend to the people who actually put her in office. All the stampy-foot libtards who astroturfed their way to the townhall can go take a flying f()$k at a rolling donut.

    • Archer

      Nothing necessarily wrong with voting against a filibuster. If the Senate bills had been filibustered from being heard in the first place, we wouldn’t know where anyone stands. Now we have them all on record as either supporting and defending the Constitution, or wiping their collective statist @$$es with and flushing it. The filibuster doesn’t count, but the actual voting did, and she did it right where it counted.

  • ER

    As a constituent of Senator Ayotte’s, she has my full support. Paid protesters from out of state should stay out of meetings convened for townspeople and voters.

  • James Smith

    She will get my vote…. Again! Licence plates are publicly displayed, so what a picture is taken. No difference.
    I wish I knew she was going to be there sooner. I would have been there for her support with my NRA hat, 1 of my pro-gun shirts and my S&W on my hip.

  • Steve Ciaccio

    Whether you agree with her or not, it took guts to stand up for the Constitution and not give in the panic mentality!

  • Anonymous

    Senator Ayotte, unlike Senator Shaheen, voted to protect the Constitution which both had sworn to uphold when taking the oath of office. Standing for the rule of law, she will be re-elected. The Obama media-circus has no business in NH. “Live Free or Die, death is not the worst of evils…” Gen Stark

  • Anonymous

    The ball was not dropped on this story. It was palmed, double dribbled and then walked to the hoop while the refs called fouls on the other team.

    • Skunkhairkathy

      Quite possibly the stupidest analogy I have ever had the horror of reading!! I am dumber having read it, thanks a lot!!

      • Anonymous

        my pleasure. glad you liked it.

      • Anonymous

        point being, it was no dumber than the headline. ‘dropped the ball’ assumes accident. this was no accident.

  • intrespract

    if there are any anti-gun supporters they
    are in southern n.h.,which I look at as a continuation
    of Massachusetts,same goes for maine,the further
    south from bangor the more anti-gun.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t blame all ex-Mass legal NH citizens, having lived in the People’s Republic of Mass, most are stalwart supporters of American’s rights. Rockingham County overwhelmingly voted Republican. Due to the proximity to the border, So NH is also home to the Marxist bastions of Manchester, Concord, Keene, Durham, Portsmouth & Nashua, etc & the hosts of the infamous “non-resident” voter factions…not surprising, thanks to Judge Lewis…

      • intrespract


  • intrespract

    hat’s off to you senator ayotte!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I saw her answer that poor misguided girl, and I have to say, wow, New Hampshire is lucky to have Sen Ayotte!

  • Anonymous

    Senator Ayotte and others should post this video of Black Leaders protesting Obama’s gun control:

  • Jim Temple

    The message from Ayotte should be short and simple, if they had something, anything, in the bill that would have prevented another Sandy Hook, I would have voted for it.

  • Abort Democrats

    If you, your car or your donkey are in a public place it can be photographed and put online. Why would it be okay for ABC News to show video of “protesters” nationally but a journalist cannot display license plates? ABC News has some special license that other news sources do not? There is zero expectation of privacy in a public place. The story here is not that the reporter needs anyone’s permission to take a picture of their license plate, it is that national media is selectively reporting events to support their biased narrative…

  • D2

    The sympathy for these parents is dissipating as they continue their attempt to impose their views on others. The rest of us are grieving for the parents who lost children and are trying to move on with their lives. For those who decided to use their children’s murders as a political statement, you will one day look back and be embarrassed at how you were used by the anti-gun establishment.

    To those up in arms about the posting of license plates, get over it. You have no expectation of privacy in public, and since they decided to drive in from out of state to astro-turf against someone else’s representative, to he!! with them.

  • Anonymous

    The gun debate will stay at the forefront of the media for the next several weeks. Then the economic disaster of Obamacare will force them to change the story, at which point, the gun vote will be long forgotten. : )

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for Sen Ayotte! :)